Recruitment Firm Indonesia: How It Works

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Hiring employees may take a long time and complex process. That is why some companies usually need the help of a recruitment firm to find potential employees. The firm itself works in a certain process. Below is how the recruitment firm Indonesia works to help the company.

Opening Position

The first step a recruitment firm do is of course opening the position. The firm including recruitment firm Indonesia will have a description of the vacant position. Details such as salary range, requirements, and recruiting period are discussed in this step.

Job Announcement

After fixing the requirements, the recruitment firm announces the job vacancy to the public. They may announce it through the company website or social media.


Once the job vacancy has been published, the recruitment firm will prepare for the selection process. After some candidates apply for the job, they review the candidates’ resumes thoroughly.

The recruitment firm then discussed the competence of the candidates with the company that uses their service. This is important to do to make sure that the competence of the candidates meets the criteria of the company.

After this, they will call some potential candidates to attend an interview session. This interview session will dig deeper into the skill and potential of the candidates. Thus, only high-quality candidates will be accepted to work.  

Later, the recruitment firm facilitates the negotiations with candidates. This step is done after some potential candidates have been chosen and are offered a job.


The recruitment firm will do a follow-up with the company and employees. They anticipate some problems that may occur during the probation period.  

Those are some steps that a recruitment firm does to hire employees. Recruitment firms including recruitment firm Indonesia do their best in looking for highly skilled employees to work in a company.

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